Hellfire progress kills


We downed (and re-killed) Archimonde heroic, and the first Mythic fight toppled over (and was re-killed) shortly after. We are now working on more progress bosses and planning out the Mythic fights still ahead of us!

We are still also searching for a few more raiders that want to clear out Hellfire Citadel together with the team, so check the sidebar or Wowprogress for the classes and specs that are in demand. Feel free to whisper Adriah or Ack in-game for a chat, if there are any questions or thoughts.


The Black Gate closed


We are now a few weeks in to Hellfire Citadel and we’re currently 12/13 Heroic, with a few Mythic attempts under our collective belt as well. More and more progress should be upcoming, and we are still interested in more raiding talent to go along all that progress. A Discipline Priest or Holy Paladin, a Death Knight dps, and Ranged dps except for Hunters and Mages would be welcome at the moment. Feel free to apply even if you don’t match these criteria and we can have a conversation, the most important thing we are looking for is an interest in raiding and the experience and skill to go along with it.

Kill videos from all Hellfire Citadel bosses are up on the video page already, so check them out.